30 Hour Famine


In our culture, it is very rare to truly be in need of physical things. That’s why, for 30 hours, we go without food as a group. It helps us better understand what it is to be in need. We go to Urban Ventures and hear about the physical needs of people only a few miles from our home. It’s a powerful experience. So here’s how it works. On Friday, November 17 we eat lunch, that will be our last meal until supper on Saturday.

We gather at the Northwood House at 7pm on Friday and head down to The Hub in south Minneapolis. We spend the next 24 hours together serving the people of the Philips neighborhood and experiencing what it is to be in need. Afterwards, we’ll gather with our families at the Northwood House to share a meal and share about our experience. Invite your friends and join us for a can’t-miss experience.


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Event Details

  • Nov 17
    6:00 pm
    Nov 18
    6:00 pm